16 November 2006

Explosives accused granted bail


A son of former INLA leader Dominic McGlinchey has been released on bail by the High Court.

Declan McGlinchey, 30, of Gulladuff Road in Bellaghy, is charged with constructing and possessing a bomb discovered at a garage yard in July.

The prosecution is relying on DNA material.

After hearing submissions from prosecution and defence, a judge said the evidence was "not the strongest case," and released him on bail.

A falsely accused person, as in this case, should be granted more relief under the law than "bail".
Perhaps the public and media do not understand that this innocent person was arrested and incarcerated and his family suffered. He was defamed, slandered and libeled. He suffered loss of his freedom and economic losses behind false charges. I hope it is not over and justice declared served because he was ultimately granted "bail" under the justice system.
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