04 June 2006

Stone and Adair: Two fuckwits talk about each other

Sunday Life

Mad Dog's barking up wrong tree: Killer Stone claims Adair won't make thousands from book

Exclusive by Stephen Breen
04 June 2006

EXILED terror boss Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair will NOT get £100,000 for his controversial autobiography.

The claim was made last night by cemetery killer Michael Stone, who maintains the Shankill loyalist will only receive around £10,000 for the book.

Adair's life story is being published by London-based Blake Publishing, which produced Stone's book None Shall Divide Us.

The ousted terrorist, who recently received a £100,000 gift from lotto lout Michael Carroll, sparked controversy by claiming he deserved "every penny" for telling his life story.

But Stone, who has now returned to Northern Ireland after a brief stay in Portugal, branded Adair's cash boast as "nonsense".

The graveyard murderer claimed once his ghost writer and literary agents are paid, Adair will receive nowhere near £100,000.

Said Stone: "Why would anyone want to pay a semi-literate thug, who is nothing but a drug-dealer and a gangster, such a large amount of money.

"He will have received an initial contract offer of £10,000, because this is his first book. But the agent and ghost writer will have to get paid from this amount.

"If Daft Dog wants to make anywhere near £10,000, then he will have to wait to see how the book sales go.

"Adair is just doing this book to get his popularity back, but he is fighting a losing battle.

"My book ended up costing me £30,000 - and the same will happen to Adair."

Adair hit back at his former hero and accused him of jealously, adding: "That man is criminally insane - he doesn't know anything about my book deal.

"My book will be better than his, because I will be telling the truth - I'm not living in a fantasy world.

"I think it's about time I told my story, because other people are making money off my name.

"Why shouldn't I get this cash, after everything my family has been through?

"Stone may have had a chapter on me in his book, but I couldn't be bothered writing a chapter on him. He's finished."

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