02 June 2006

Mr A is rearrested


02/06/2006 - 19:14:16

The 41-year-old paedophile who had been released from jail after his detention for raping a 12-year old girl was deemed unlawful was rearrested today, less than two hours after the Supreme Court ordered he be returned to prison.

After three days of freedom, the man was arrested by gardaí.

Officers would not say where he was being held.

A garda spokesman said: “Following the decision of the Supreme Court today, June 2, 2006, gardaí have arrested the man identified as Mr A and he is being returned to prison in Dublin.”

It is believed he will be returned to Dublin’s Arbour Hill prison where he was serving his jail term before his release on Tuesday.

Mr A has already served 18-months of his three year sentence for unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl.

Minister fo Justice Michael McDowell said he believed today’s Supreme Court decision would mean that most convicted sex offenders would now remain in prison.

“I’m confident that the great majority of the people who stood to benefit will not be released and will serve their full sentences,” he said.

The minister earlier announced the Supreme Court verdict to Senators during the Seanad debate on the Bill to close the legal loophole which led to the sex offenders release and the chamber applauded.

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