01 June 2006

Finucane brother denies claims

Daily Ireland

Relative says tabloid allegations that lawyer was in IRA are false

by Connla Young
1 June 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usA brother of Pat Finucane has denied claims that the murdered solicitor was a finance officer for the IRA.
The lawyer’s brother Séamus has also denied allegations made in a Sunday tabloid that he himself was recently dismissed from the IRA “with ignominy” for taking cash from the organisation’s funds.

Patrick Finucane - click photo to view

The Ulster Defence Association shot Pat Finucane dead in 1989 at his Belfast home.
Several people involved in the murder have been revealed as Special Branch informers.
In a statement released last night, Séamus Finucane said the articles were intended to smear his brother Pat’s name.
“These articles make unsubstantiated allegations about me, stating that I was dismissed from the IRA with ignominy. It is alleged that I misappropriated IRA money to fund a lavish lifestyle, that I own properties at home and abroad, that I own building companies run by front men. It further alleges that I was involved in threatening the newspaper’s reporters.
“The basic allegation is that I am or was involved in IRA finances and that I have misappropriated IRA money for my own personal gain. None of these allegations are true.
“Each of the articles about me contained a large photograph of my late brother Pat, the solicitor who was murdered in February 1989 by the UDA directed by a British army unit. These articles have nothing to do with him.”
Mr Finucane also dismissed recent claims by the informer Seán O’Callaghan.
“In an article published on March 12, 2006, this same newspaper published repeated lies by Seán O’Callaghan that Pat was a member of the IRA and was their financial adviser.
“O’Callaghan alleged that Pat was involved in IRA finances. O’Callaghan has made this allegation a number of times and it has been rejected as a lie by the family and by Pat’s colleagues and those who knew him well.
“It has also been rejected by the RUC chief superintendent who investigated Pat’s murder and by John Stevens and Judge Peter Cory,” he said.
“This paper should know that Seán O’Callaghan’s allegations lack credibility since he is an admitted murderer and liar.
“It is clear that all this is designed to tarnish Pat’s respected worldwide reputation. I can answer for myself but he can’t.
“For myself, I refute the allegations made about me. They are untrue and no evidence of any of these allegations has been put forward. I have nothing to hide,” said Mr Finucane.
The Belfast man said recent reports about him were clearly designed to cast a shadow on his brother’s name and the Finucane family’s campaign for an independent public inquiry.
He said: “My family have campaigned long and hard for a public judicial inquiry into Pat’s murder. The British state has been accused of involvement in this murder.
“We currently disagree with the British government’s proposals for an inquiry.
“We say that these proposals are in violation of the Weston Park agreement and contrary to article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to life.
“I am now considering my position and I have consulted with my solicitors to determine what options are available to me to counter these untruthful assertions.
“The family’s campaign will continue to seek justice for Pat Finucane. These attacks on me using Pat’s photograph as a backdrop should be seen for what they are in reality — namely, an attack on my brother Pat, who unfortunately can’t answer for himself.
“Those who continue to peddle these lies will be exposed if and when a proper public inquiry is established.
“They can come along to the hearings and give evidence and be cross-examined, which is a bit more difficult than making assertions in newspapers when they know that there is no mechanism available to challenge the truthfulness of those assertions in that forum. I will look forward to that day.”

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