04 June 2006

Canada to discuss 'Real IRA' website

Sunday Life
04 June 2006

THE Canadian High Commission in London has agreed to meet a delegation from an Omagh bombing relatives' group to discuss a Real IRA-linked website which is hosted in Toronto.

The High Commission's political affairs minister, Ron Hoffman, has been in touch with the group to discuss possible dates for a meeting to examine how to deal with the website, which Lord Trimble says published a threat to murder him.

A spokesman for the commission said it had been in contact with the Omagh Support & Self-Help Group to suggest either a video-link or face-to-face meeting at its London offices.

Said the spokesman: "We have been in touch with the group and the High Commission is open to the idea of having a meeting with a delegation to discuss how we might approach this issue."

The Omagh support group said that its chairman, Michael Gallagher, would be in contact with the High Commission this week after he returned from a visit to the US.

Lord Trimble said he hoped to attend the meeting to discuss how pressure could be brought on Canadian company Netfirms, which hosts the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32 CSM) site.

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