02 May 2006

Two held after Belfast-Derry-road clash


02/05/2006 - 08:27:01

A number of people were injured and two arrested after trouble broke out on the Glenshane Pass on the main road between Belfast and Derry late last night.

It is believed the trouble began when a group of loyalists travelling to Derry in a minibus damaged a mural in a nationalist area and assaulted a farmer who tried to stop them.

A woman and her sons were also assaulted in their home on the Glenshane Pass, said a local Sinn Féin councillor.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said there had been clashes between two groups and the minibus was taken to Magherafelt Police Station, where two of the occupants were arrested and the bus escorted on to Derry.

Those arrested were charged with assault and causing criminal damage and bailed to appear in court at a later date, said a spokeswoman.

Sinn Féin councillor Patrick Groogan said the trouble was started by the loyalists on the bus when they damaged a mural.

“There was some drink taken and there were up to 30 young fellas on a bus. They sort of went berserk.

“A mother and two children were hospitalised. They were taken away in the ambulance.”

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