24 May 2006

Trimble calls for website to be shut down


24/05/2006 - 12:52:02

Former Northern Ireland First Minister David Trimble gave the Metropolitan Police Commissioner the ammunition to have a terrorist-linked website closed down today.

Mr Trimble is pressing Ian Blair to take action to have the site linked to Omagh bombers the Real IRA closed after it carried what he said was clear incitement to have him murdered.

Last week he questioned Mr Blair on why no action had been taken to have the website of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement – regarded as the political wing of the Real IRA – shut months after British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave assurances to relatives of the Omagh victims that action would be taken.

Today Mr Trimble wrote again to the Commissioner including terms from the internet service provider (ISP) Netfirms’ contract with its customers.

He pointed Sir Ian to a paragraph of the contract about limitation which states: “Any content on your website that is prohibited by the laws of any sovereign state, obscene under the laws of any sovereign state, or otherwise considered by Netfirms, in its sole discretion, to be offensive, disruptive, obscene, inappropriate or otherwise an administrative burden, may be removed or deleted without any compensation to you.”

The former Ulster Unionist Party leader wrote to Sir Ian: “You might consider drawing to the attention of the ISP any matter which is contrary to the law of any part of the United Kingdom and inviting the ISP to terminate the contract in accordance with this paragraph.”

Netfirms is a Canadian-based internet provider but is also believed to operate through Glasgow and in the United States.

The Bush administration promised the Omagh families earlier this month that it would do what it could to help shut down the website which has offended them for so long.

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