21 May 2006

Steriods seized from Shoukri in prison

Sunday Life

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTop loyalist Andre Shoukri is facing losing jail privileges after being caught in possession of anabolic steroids and other pills.

The 29-year-old north Belfast UDA terror chief was detained by members of a prison riot squad at Maghaberry two weeks ago in the visiting area.

It's understood the officers were rushed there after an eagle-eyed prison officer spotted Shoukri receiving a batch of pills from a visitor.

The exchange was recorded on CCTV and Shoukri's visit was immediately cancelled.

Shoukri is awaiting trial on money-laundering, extortion and blackmail charges after he was arrested and questioned by detectives last November. Officers attached to the PSNI's serious crimes unit have been investigating the finances of the north Belfast UDA for 12 months and have seized documents, including financial records relating to at least one business in the area.

In a statement, the Prison Service would only say that a prisoner at Maghaberry was observed with pills during a visit earlier this month.

"The prisoner was placed on report and the matter is still under investigation," the statement said.

The Prison Service refused to say what pills had been seized but sources at the jail suggest anabolic steroid supplements and amphetamines were recovered on May 9.

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