06 May 2006

State-sponsored murder drive endorsed at the highest levels


(Martin McGuinness, Irish News)

Collusion between British state forces and unionist death squads has been a consistent feature of the six-county state since its creation. State forces have shared information, weapons and membership with unionist paramilitaries.

Ian Paisley loyalists within these state forces regularly supplied him with information.

This week's revelations concerning the involvement of the UDR in collusion vindicates the position adopted by Sinn Féin for decades.

For 30 years allegations of collusion were dismissed as republican propaganda.

As the lid has begun to lift on Britain's dirty war the Sinn Féin analysis has proven to be correct.

In the 1980s the British, under Thatcher, adopted a policy of resourcing and directing unionist death squads as a proxy for prosecuting Britain's war in Ireland.

British intelligence services recruited or infiltrated agents into the leaderships of the unionist paramilitaries to give them control of the loyalist death squads and ensure that their targeting, to quote a British intelligence report at the time, was "more professional".

In December 1987 over 300 weapons were brought into the north of Ireland, with the full participation and knowledge of British Intelligence.

British intelligence updated and organised loyalist intelligence documents to ensure that the loyalists would, in the words of the British army officer Colonel Gordon Kerr, "concentrate their targeting on known Provisional IRA activists".

Evidence continues to emerge confirming that the most of the key leaders of both the UVF and the UDA/UFF were British agents.

Hundreds of people were killed, and many more injured and maimed, in a campaign of state-sponsored murder.

The murder campaign against republicans and nationalists was not the result of rogue agents or individuals who overstepped their responsibilities. It was a policy endorsed at the highest level of the British political system.

These agents were not, as has been claimed, gathering intelligence on loyalist paramilitaries. These agents were directing the actions of the loyalist death squads as part of Britain's war against the republican struggle.

The reason that the British state has proven so reluctant to allow an independent investigation into collusion and the actions of their agents is precisely because they have so much to hide.

The truth about collusion and the policy of state murder will eventually be exposed and it will demonstrate clearly the real role of the British state and its agents over the last 30 years.

May 6, 2006

This article appeared first in the May 4, 2006 edition of the Irish News.

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