21 May 2006

Sean Tierney: I'm no drug dealer

Sunday Life

By Stephen Breen
21 May 2006

A terrified Belfast man last night denied being a cocaine dealer.

Angry Sean Tierney hit out after graffiti was daubed in Sevastopol Street, off the Falls Road, last week, accusing him of being a drug pusher.

It read 'Sean Tierney - Cocaine Dealer. Direct Action Against Drugs (DAAD)'.

Mr Tierney claims the sinister messages were painted because his partner Isobel Loughran is the aunt of Ballymurphy murder victim Gerard Devlin.

Ms Loughran witnessed the murder of the father-of-six in February.

Said Sean: "I think this graffiti is a smokescreen because I firmly believe these people are going to shoot me under the name of DAAD.

"Things have been getting a bit tense for me lately. I feel I'm being watched all the time by supporters of the people who murdered Gerard.

"The people who did this are trying to discredit me because they know Isobel is a witness in Gerard's murder.

"I have absolutely nothing to hide and everyone knows I'm no drug dealer. This graffiti is just the latest in a long line of intimidation against friends of Gerard Devlin.

"These people used the name DAAD to make me worried because this group shot people in the past, but I won't be going anywhere."

DAAD was a cover name used by the IRA after the paramilitary group's 1994 ceasefire to murder suspected drug dealers.

The 46-year-old man's address was also daubed on walls on the Springfield Road and in Andersonstown and Twinbrook.

The plasterer vowed to remain in Ballymurphy.

Added Sean: "I'm obviously worried about these people because they have access to weapons, but I won't be leaving my home.

"I've been here for 11 years and fully intend to stay. I have been subjected to other forms of intimidation, but this is the worst yet. The whole estate has been tortured by these people and it's about time the police did something about it."

Friends of the plasterer were last night painting over the graffiti.

This latest incident comes after teenager Jim Reynolds cheated death after he was brutally attacked by a gang of hammer-wielding thugs last month.

The 16-year-old claimed he was targeted because he witnessed Gerard Devlin's murder.

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