29 May 2006

One in five children lives in povery - report


29/05/2006 - 08:03:43

Almost one fifth of Irish children live in poverty for five years or more, according to a study being published today by the Combat Poverty Agency.

The research examined the length of time that children spend living in "income poverty".

It found that children move and in and out of poverty over the course of their lives, with age and family size among the factors that affect the duration of time spent living below the poverty line.

The employment, education and health status of parents were also found to be major factors.

Elsewhere, the report found the children of single parents spend substantially more time living in poverty than those in two-parent households.

The Combat Poverty Agency is responding by calling for government measures other than additional child support to address the situation.

The agency says it should be government policy to ensure that at least one parent in a two-parent household is working and this could be achieved through income, employment and education supports, as well as the introduction of accessible and affordable childcare.

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