03 May 2006

Nationalists 'shocked' by latest collusion revelations


03/05/2006 - 11:51:53

Nationalist politicians have renewed their accusation that successive British governments turned a blind eye to collusion in the North.

The accusation follows the discovery of new papers showing that London was aware more than 30 years ago that the British Army's Ulster Defence Regiment was deeply infiltrated by loyalist paramilitaries.

The secret intelligence briefing from 1973 says between 5% and 15% of UDR members were also members of the UDA or UVF.

It also says the regiment was the single most important source of guns for the two paramilitary organisations.

Sinn Féin says the papers show that collusion was routine practice in the North and was effectively authorised at the highest political level.

The SDLP, meanwhile, says it is shocking that the British government did nothing to put a halt to the situation.

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