28 May 2006

McGuinness is not a british spy - Sinn Féin

Irish Examiner

Sinn Féin today rubbished claims by a former British Army intelligence officer that its chief negotiator Martin McGuinness was a British spy.

The allegation, which was carried in a Sunday newspaper, was made by former agent handler Martin Ingram.

Mr Ingram two years ago identified Belfast republican Freddie Scappaticci as the prized British agent Stakeknife, within the IRA – an allegation he denied before fleeing his home in the west of the city.

It also followed the unmasking last year of Sinn Féin’s former head of administration at Stormont Denis Donaldson as a spy.

He was gunned down in April at a remote cottage in Glenties, Co Donegal after details of where he was laying low emerged.

A Sinn Féin spokesman today dismissed claims that Mr McGuinness, who admitted in May 2001 in a submission to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry that he was the IRA’s second in command in Derry in 1971, worked for MI6 during the 1990’s.

He also rejected claims that the allegation against Mr McGuinness was supported by documentary evidence.

“We have heard this all before,” a spokesman told PA.

“It is rubbish. It is nonsense.

“Anybody with half a wit will treat it with the contempt it rightly deserves.”

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