22 May 2006

'Mad Dog' Adair sparks fury over £100,000 book


MP says it's obscene that the former UDA man should profit from his reign of terror in Belfast

Henry McDonald, Ireland editor
Sunday May 21, 2006
The Observer

Former terrorist leader Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair has signed a deal to tell his life story for an advance believed to nearly £100,000 from John Blake, publisher of the autobiographies of the Page 3 models Jordan and Jodie Marsh.

Adair, the former head of the C Company faction of the Ulster Defence Association, flew to London last Wednesday to sign the contract for his book.

The deal was denounced last night by Alasdair McDonnell, the SDLP MP for South Belfast: 'Johnny Adair's reign of terror on the Shankill Road and in Belfast generally was one of the main terror components of our darkest days.

'It would be obscene that someone like Adair could profit even now from boastings about his exploits. I believe the Assets Recovery Agency should look at this very carefully; there is a case for investigating this.

'He is making money from talking about crimes past,' added McDonnell, who was Belfast's Deputy Lord Mayor in the early Nineties when C Company was at its strongest.

Adair confirmed he had signed the deal. 'When I look at my bookshelf, there are at least four books about me written by journalists. If they can make money writing about my life then why can't I do the same?' he said from his home in Troon, Scotland.

Adair said he would take legal advice in advance of the book 'so I don't talk myself into any trouble when I look back at my past.'

The leading loyalist, who served almost 15 years in prison for directing acts of terrorism, said the book would be published next spring. 'There's even someone talking about film rights.'

'I am going to tell it as it is, warts and all. I will tell a story of a teenage skinhead who joined the paramilitaries because he was rejected by the Ulster Defence Regiment, of someone who went into republican areas by himself and took on the IRA. It's a story of someone who soldiered from the front.'

The UDA expelled Adair in 2002 and less than six months later it attacked his C Company comrades while he was back in prison. Asked if he would write about the allies who turned enemies, Adair said: 'I don't intend to hold anything back and I want to expose these so-called loyalists for the gangsters, bullyboys and informers that they are.'

Confessing he cannot live a quiet life, Adair added: 'I am in the public domain constantly so I might as well go out and tell my side of my story. There is no quiet life of retirement for Johnny Adair.'

As well as the book deal, Adair has been paid a fee - understood to be thousands of pounds - by the Five TV channel for co-operating over a documentary about him, to be broadcast in September.

His autobiography will chronicle his rise through the UDA ranks, his time as a National Front skinhead and a short career in rock music with his band, Offensive Weapon. Detectives believe his unit killed up to 40 people in Northern Ireland at the height of his power.

He is not the first infamous loyalist to write his story. Two years ago Michael Stone, the UDA assassin who launched a lone gun and grenade attack on an IRA funeral in 1988, brought out None Shall Divide Us, also published by Blake.

In his book Stone accused Adair of having gay relationships in prison. Adair dismissed this claim as revenge 'because I had sex with one of his girlfriends'.

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