14 May 2006

LVF guns could trigger UDA feud

Sunday Life

Exclusive by Ciaran McGuigan
14 May 2006

WEAPONS from an LVF arms dump are to be used in attacks on the leaders of the UDA by renegade members of the group, loyalists last night warned.

The guns are believed to have been moved from an LVF dump in Ballysillian by a loyalist who has joined with Andre and Ihab Shoukri. The Shoukri brothers are still clinging to control of the UDA in north Belfast, but are coming under increasing pressure from the organisation's other leaders.

Security sources fear that the weapons will be used to trigger bloody in-fighting within the UDA.

The guns were the target of police searches just over a week ago in the Westland Road area.

During the raids, cops turned over the home of the former LVF man who recently joined the Shoukris.

They also searched a house belonging to prominent Shoukri supporter Alan McClean (above).

Said one senior loyalist source: "The UDA leaders know that these weapons are on the move, and it's very worrying. The fear is that if the steps are taken to expel the Shoukris from the organisation, then their supporters are tooled up and will strike out."

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