19 May 2006

Jean Mc Bride to raise Iraq contract with US Envoy

For immediate release

19 May 2006

Jean Mc Bride is set to meet US Special Envoy Mitchell Reiss and US Consul General Dean Pitman in Belfast tomorrow (Saturday) in the Consul's east Belfast residence at 10.30am. The purpose of the meeting is to raise concerns at the ongoing relationship between the Pentagon and the controversial British private security/mercenary company, Aegis Defence Services. Aegis, which was set up by former Scots Guards CO Tim Spicer, won a $293 million dollar US government contract to coordinate all private security in Iraq. The award of the contract to the former CO of the two soldiers who murdered Belfast teenager Peter Mc Bride in 1992 has led to protests from elected representatives on both sides of the Atlantic including Senators Kerry, Clinton, Schumer, Kennedy, Obama and others.

Following the murder Spicer sought to excuse the actions of his soldiers by defaming the victim, denying evidence that was held to be fact by the court and demanding the release of the two murderers on the basis that they 'should never have been charged'.

Jean Mc Bride said in advance of the meeting,

"Many many people in the US agree that this contract should not have been awarded. recently a video has emerged that shows Aegis employees shooting civilians who drive too close to their vehicles in Iraq. I'm not at all surprised. Spicer was involved in mercenary activities in Sierra Leone, the 'Arms to Africa' scandal and was arrested in Papua New Guinea where he was attempting to stage a coup. Its madness that he is now in charge of a bunch of gung-ho foreign fighters in Iraq. I am going to show this Iraq video to Mitchell Reiss. I told the Consul General last year and I will tell the Ambassador tomorrow-your government would not take kindly to the Irish or British governments doing business with someone who justified the murder of a US citizen. I don't take kindly to the US government doing business with someone who has accused my son of carrying a bomb and who has justified the shooting, in the back, of my unarmed 18 year old son."

Contact Paul O'Connor at the PFC for further details 07989 323418

Press can also view the Iraq shoot-to-kill video after the meeting which should end at 11.15am

See extensive background on Peter Mc Bride and Spicer at www.patfinucanecentre.org - Click under Peter Mc Bride in the menu items.

See original news story regarding the video >>here.

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