21 May 2006

Frazer to pursue 'Border Fox' case

Sunday Life

By Alan Murray
21 May 2006

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer says he hasn't given up the fight to bring 'Border Fox' terrorist Dessie O'Hare before the courts in Northern Ireland.

Mr Frazer says he is continuing to press the Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde for a formal explanation as to why warrants for the ex-IRA and INLA gunman no longer exist.

He says he remains determined to have O'Hare investigated for crimes he allegedly committed before his imprisonment in Dublin 18 years ago.

"I want to know what happened to them," said the Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (FAIR) spokesman.

"I want to know where they are and who decided that they should cease to be active warrants. If they have lapsed I want to see new warrants issued so this man can be questioned properly for the first time about the crimes his gang committed.

"A lot of decent honest good people were murdered by O'Hare's gang and if Hugh Orde thinks FAIR will forget about that then he is wrong.

"The Finucane case is still being investigated 17 years after that murder," he said.

Since Mr Frazer first raised the O'Hare case with the Police Ombudsman the PSNI has advised him to be careful about his movements in case of retaliation by the jailed kidnapper's associates.

The FAIR spokesman was told by the Police Ombudsman that O'Hare won't be arrested by the PSNI because warrants for his arrest no longer exist.

The PSNI has declined to discuss the O'Hare case since he turned up at his wife's home in Newtownhamilton at the beginning of the month after being released from Castlerea Prison in the Republic in April.

DUP MPs Nigel Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson are tabling questions about O'Hare's presence in the border area.

Unionist peer Lord Laird is raising the issue in the House of Lords.

He has put down questions about the 1983 Gospel hall murders in Darkley and the 1977 murder of Margaret Hearst, a 24-year-old mother-of-one from Armagh, who was also a part-time member of the UDR.

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