26 May 2006

Family of murdered councillor relaunch campaign

Daily Ireland

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The family of murdered Sinn Féin Donegal county councillor Eddie Fullerton will mark his 15th anniversary today with the relaunch of a campaign for truth and justice about the killing.
Eddie Fullerton was killed by an Ulster Defence Association death squad that broke into his Buncrana home early on May 25, 1991.
The Fullerton family have consistently demanded a public inquiry into collusion and cover-up by the British and Irish authorities in relation to the killing.
Councils across Ireland have supported the family’s demands. Dublin City Council voiced its support on Monday night. Tragically, the Fullerton family’s spokesman — Eddie’s son Albert — was killed in a road accident on March 8 this year, aged 45.
However, the family are using today’s 15th anniversary to relaunch their justice campaign. Albert’s sister Amanda, who has taken over as the family’s spokesperson, last night told Daily Ireland that the truth about the case had been hidden for long enough.
“It is a year since Michael McDowell, the minster for justice, has given anyone any feedback about the case and even then it was only [after] significant pressure from Sinn Féin TDs,” she said.
“We’re now saying enough is enough. Fifteen years down the road, we’re not going to wait any longer. Yet the questions about the handling of the case by authorities on both sides of the border continue to mount.
“We will be demanding a meeting with McDowell to get answers about the actions of the Irish authorities. We will also be pushing the Irish government to get some sound and solid attempt at an investigation in the North and will be looking for evidence of McDowell’s commitment in relation to that.”
The Fullerton family also hope that a meeting can be arranged with Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan in the coming months.
Calling for continued cross-party support for the Fullerton family’s campaign, Donegal Sinn Féin councillor Pádraig Mac Lochlainn said today’s relaunch would send a strong message to those involved in covering up the 1991 murder.
“One of the key things about the relaunch is to demonstrate that the campaign will continue until the demands that Albert and the rest of the family have pursued over the last 15 years are achieved,” he said.
He described Albert’s untimely death as “a tragic blow” and added: “It is appropriate now after a period of grieving and reflection that the campaign focuses once again on the need for truth and justice about Eddie’s murder in 1991.
“The immediate objective will be to obtain the final report from the Garda reinvestigation, which was supposed to have been completed in 2004.
“There will be significant pressure on Michael McDowell to explain the delay and clarify the co-operation he received from the British authorities.”
Mr Mac Lochlainn said a range of other strategies would be employed to strengthen the campaign.
The campaign relaunch is at 11.30am today in Muff, Co Donegal.

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