02 May 2006

Falls Road residents demand truth over PSNI informers


By Roisin McManus

Falls Residents’ Association have called on the PSNI to make public the names and addresses of paid informers they are using in the Lower Falls area.

The association hit back after the PSNI delivered questionnaires in the area recently asking local people to name those involved in anti-social behaviour in the area.

Chairman of the Falls Residents’ Association Robert McClenaghan said that the PSNI Community Safety Team questionnaire is ridiculous because many of those involved in anti-social behaviour are paid PSNI informers.

In light of this situation Robert McClenaghan submitted his own questionnaire asking the PSNI to provide the names and addresses of touts responsible for death driving and drug dealing in the area.

He also asked how much they were being paid and what crimes they have committed and what crimes they have been allowed to get away with.

Submitting the questions to Woodbourne Barracks the local community worker said the PSNI questionnaires had caused outrage among many residents in the Lower Falls.

“Given the history of local hoods being recruited by the PSNI as paid informers to act as their eyes and ears in the Falls area, this latest cheap publicity stunt has caused deep anger amongst the local community,” said Robert.

“As the PSNI were handing out their questionnaires a delegation from the Falls Residents Association confronted a local drug dealer who was selling “Blue Bombers” from his home to children as young as 12 years old, These are the type of people who the PSNI regularly employ as informers,” he added.

Robert said that he wants the questions posed on his questionnaire to be answered.

“It is important that these questions are answered given the endemic problem of anti social behaviour in the Lower Falls much of which is carried out by PSNI informers.

“We will wait and see if these questions are answered but I don’t hold out much hope,” he added.

A spokeswoman for the PSNI said:

“This is being dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act. We cannot comment further on it.”

Journalist:: Roisin McManus

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