07 May 2006

E's a lucky boy

Sunday Life

Ciaran McGuigan
07 May 2006

TWO men arrested when cops raided a massive loyalist drugs warehouse have escaped with a rap on the knuckles - while the terror boss who ran the drugs racket got off scot-free.

Laurence David Kincaid - known as 'Duffer' - is believed to have disguised himself with a hooded top and fled when cops swooped on his father's property at Flush Road in the Ballysillian area of north Belfast in October 2004.

The case against him collapsed when the Public Prosecution Service decided that there was not enough evidence to connect him to the huge Ecstasy warehouse discovered at the property.

Mark McMahon (27) of Whitewell Road and John Smith (20) of Ballysillian Avenue were caught red-handed as cops uncovered 16,000 Ecstasy tablets hidden in specially-dug stores at Laurence Kincaid snr's property.

As the Drugs Squad officers raided the property, a man in a hooded top was seen escaping over a wall, dropping 'Duffer' Kincaid's mobile phone as he ran off.

Kincaid told police a cock-and-bull story that his car had been stolen - along with his mobile phone - from a building site a short time before the police raid at Kinkaid snr's property.

Cops are confident that the man who fled during the raid was 'Duffer' Kincaid, however, the Public Prosecution Service dropped the case against him last July.

At the time that the charges were withdrawn against him, 'Duffer' Kincaid headed a UVF hit-list, as the loyalist terror group declared war on its rivals in the LVF.

And months earlier he was embroiled in another drugs scandal when his teenage girlfriend, Denise Larkin, died after taking a lethal cocktail of drugs.

Belfast Crown Court was told last week that McMahon and Smith were "small cogs" in the loyalist drugs racket which was supplying Ecstasy throughout greater Belfast and North Down.

McMahon was jailed for 21 months after pleading guilty to possessing Ecstasy with intent to supply.

It is understood that he has since been released with time served, though the Prison Service refused to comment.

Smith was sent to the Young Offenders Centre for two years on the same conviction.

He, too, is expected to walk free within weeks.


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