26 May 2006

Diarmuid O'Neill

Troops Out Movement

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Irishman Diarmuid O'Neill was born and raised in West London, England.

Six weeks prior to his murder he was put under intensive police surveillance due to his alleged involvement with an IRA active service unit.

Besides producing intensive video documentation, the police bugged Diarmuid O'Neill's hostel room and searched it on at least one occasion. The surveillance operation resulted in extensive video footage that reportedly covered the whole six weeks except for the night of the raid on the hostel itself.

On 23rd September 1996, Diarmuid O'Neill was shot dead by two officers from Scotland Yard's tactical firearms group, SO19.

The British Police unit shot the almost naked, defenceless, unarmed man six times whilst he was attempting to surrender.

When the police opened fire on Diarmuid O'Neill, he had already showed both his hands clearly through the door of the hostel room and his friend Patrick Kelly had shouted "We give up - we are unarmed”. The other occupants of the room recall the police shouting "Shoot the fucker" as Diarmiud opened the door.

One police officer was seen standing with his foot on Diarmuid's head as he lay dying.

He was dragged bleeding and mortally wounded down six concrete steps like a rag doll, the blood from his wounds marking each step.

He was denied immediate medical treatment.

The initial police briefings justified the killing as the result of a gun battle and said that a bomb factory had been discovered in the hostel.

An audio tape of the raid by the police exposed the police version of events as a lie and lead only to the conclusion that Diarmuid O'Neill was murdered.

Throughout the tape Diarmuid O'Neill was clearly complying with all police requests, and was seen by the police to be unarmed and yet was still shot six times.

The murder and subsequent inhumane treatment of Diarmuid O'Neill has been the subject of a Police Complaints Authority investigation.

Despite all the evidence presented to them, the Crown Prosecution Service failed to bring charges against any police officer involved in the murder.

The trial of Brian McHugh and Patrick Kelly, arrested at the same address in Hammersmith, ended in December 1997. The disclosures and evidence presented at that trial clearly exposed Diarmuid O'Neill's killing as murder.

The policeman who shot Diarmuid O'Neill (who was named only as ‘officer Kilo' at the trial) gave contradictory evidence in court and should now be made to stand to account for his actions.

The Justice for Diarmund O'Neill Campaign believes that the responsibility for Diarmuid's death goes beyond the actions of the man who pulled the trigger.

The police, security forces and Home Office must also be held accountable.

Only an Independent, International, Public, Judicial Inquiry can ensure that justice is seen to be done for the family of Diarmuid O'Neill.

Join the Troops Out Movement in demanding an independent public inquiry into the murder of Diarmuid O'Neill.

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