28 May 2006

Demands to close 'kill Trimble' site

Sunday Life

Alan Murray and Stephen Breen
28 May 2006

RELATIVES of Omagh bomb victims demanding the closure of a Real IRA support website hosted in Toronto have requested a meeting with the Canadian Ambassador in London.

Former Unionist Party leader David Trimble has already asked the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair to take action under the Terrorism Act to shut down the controversial 32 County Sovereignty Movement site.

It features a public forum topic on 101 ways to murder Lord Trimble.

Efforts to persuade Netfirms, the Canadian company which hosts the site, to close it down have so far failed despite lobbying by the Omagh families led by Michael Gallagher, whose son Aidan was killed in the 1998 Real IRA massacre.

The Omagh group wrote to Canadian ambassador Mel Cappe on Monday asking him to meet them.

Group chairman, Michael Gallagher said: "We've made representation to the company and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but no action has been taken to close down this obnoxious site.

"I can't understand how a respected democratic country like Canada would allow material like this to be broadcast from its domain. It is truly shocking.

David Trimble has written to Sir Ian Blair again seeking his assistance to have those in the UK who supply the site with the threatening material prosecuted.

But in a statement yesterday the Metropolitan Police said its Anti-Terrorist branch had investigated but concluded the matter did not fall within its remit.

Mr Trimble said it was disgraceful that Real IRA supporters are able to supply a website from the UK

A spokesman for the 32 County Sovereignty Movement last night told Sunday Life it would be "almost impossible" to remove the messages of hate from the site.

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