06 May 2006

Adams in plea to unionists over summer marching season


06/05/2006 - 14:36:23

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams today made a plea to the Rev Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party to play a leading role in ensuring the North summer marching season was peaceful.

He made the call as the party leadership met in Dublin to discuss their strategy for the return of the Northern Ireland Assembly on May 15.

Members have been recalled to see if they can elect a First and Deputy First Minister and agree the establishment of a new power-sharing Executive.

Tony Blair has given them a six week period to agree, followed by a second post-summer session which he says must end by November 24.

No agreement is expected before the summer and many believe there is little chance of agreement by the final deadline.

Speaking after the strategy meeting Mr Adams said: “Sinn Féin will be in the Assembly on May 15 to try to bring about the return of the power sharing government.

“This is the business that the Assembly members were elected to do. The electorate has been waiting for almost three years for this to happen.”

He said everyone knew the coming months would be difficult.

“We are also facing into another marching season. This situation will only be made worse if the political vacuum continues. I want to urge the DUP to play a leading role in ensuring that the marching season is peaceful.”

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