28 April 2006

Threat of taxi strike looms


28/04/2006 - 15:28:23

The country could be facing a National Taxi Strike on June 3.

Members of the Cork branch of the Taxi Drivers Federation have threatened a work stoppage unless the Taxi Regulator agrees to address their concerns.

Taxi drivers have said they have a series of problems with the proposed changes to their work practices.

Chairman of the Cork branch, Derry Coughlan has called on other branches to support the work stoppage.

Mr Coughlan said: “This is an option that all members have taken in Cork and we are, at the moment, looking for the backing of all other taxi and hackney vehicles in Ireland because this thing is going out of control.”

“Nobody will be able to exist under the Taxi Regulator’s policies and costs in particular. We just have to make the public aware of this.”

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