22 April 2006

Shourkris are police agents: Adair

Belfast Telegraph

Ex-loyalist boss in new vow to return

22 April 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe Shoukri brothers were today branded Special Branch agents by exiled Johnny Adair as the former loyalist boss vowed to return to Belfast from exile in Scotland. (Andre on right - click to view)

His comments come as speculation mounts that Andre and Ihab Shoukri, who have been accused of disobeying the leadership's order to cease drug dealing, are to be ousted by the outlawed paramilitary organisation.

And according to Adair, who fled Ulster three years ago after the murder of South East Antrim UDA chief John Gregg, time is running out for the Shoukris as UDA members "can see them for the fakes they are".

Insisting that UDA attitudes towards him have thawed, making a return to Ulster in the future a very real possibility, he told a daily newspaper: "I have always said one day I would return to Belfast.

"I always saw what happened to me like a large iceberg. Every day, week and month that iceberg has thawed and it is now no more than an ice cube.

"Look at the people who plotted against me, where are they now? Dead or in jail, they have one by one shown their true colours.

"The Shoukri brothers are paying the price, they last three years and now they have been uncovered for the frauds they always were. I always said the Shoukris were Special Branch."

Adair and his supporters were forced to flee his Shankill power base, firstly to Scotland and then Bolton, after his 'C Company' faction shot dead John Gregg.

Former allies in the LVF also disowned him because of the Gregg murder.

However, Adair insisted he will return to Belfast and continued his defiant attack on the Shoukri brothers: "I believe they were groomed by Special Branch to infiltrate the UDA and cause dissent. They had their way for a while but now real loyalists can see them for the fakes they are.

"Andre Shoukri has gambled more than £800,000 of UDA money, that is a disgrace."

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