07 April 2006

Republicans "with grudge" killed Donaldson - INLA tells 'Journal'

Derry Journal

07 April 2006

"REPUBLICANS WITH a grudge" were the most likely killers of Denis Donaldson, an INLA source told the 'Journal' last night.
As speculation continued yesterday, the source in the North West said there was no involvement by the INLA in the murder in Glenties, Co. Donegal, earlier this week.
"It's all pure speculation at the moment. There are so many suspects in the pot, you could pick almost any of them.
"But it was most likely a republican killing. Republicans with a grudge," said the source, who said he did not believe the killing was sanctioned by the IRA leadership.
"I can't see it having been sanctioned from the top," the source added.
Gardai were last night continuing their painstaking fingertip search around the remote cottage of the Sinn Féin official-turned British spy, who was shot dead on Tuesday.
In the latest develop-ment in the massive investigation to find the killers, a car was removed from outside the 19th century house were Mr. Donaldson had been hiding out after admitting in December he was a paid informer for more than 20 years.
Members of the Gardaí's dog and water units have now been drafted in to assist in the huge search of two square miles of bog and lakeland which was immediately cordoned off after the murder.
At the time of going to press last night, a Garda spokesperson told the 'Journal' there had been no further developments in the hunt for Mr. Donaldson's killers.
Post mortem results indicated the Belfast man died from a shotgun wound to the chest.
The IRA has denied involvement in the murder of the ex-Sinn Fein man who was warned by Gardaí that his life could be in danger.
Unionists, meanwhile, say they are unconvinced by the denials of the republican movement who have hinted that British intelligence could be to blame.
However, Peter Hain, the North's Secretary of State, said yesterday that that assertion was "fanciful and rather desperate".
Mr. Hain said it was more likely that dissident republicans carried out the shooting.
However, this allegation has been challenged by the INLA. "I would be surprised if dissidents were involved," the source added.
Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn, who is leading the investigation into the murder, refused to be drawn on details of the killing, or on whether there had been a specific threat to Mr. Donaldson.
In a press briefing on Wednesday, she vowed that Gardaí would leave no stone unturned in their bid to track down those responsible.

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