25 April 2006

Relatives 'frustrated' as: No date yet for 'Sunday'report publication

Derry Journal

25 April 2006

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry insists it "isn't possible' to give a firm date for the publication of Lord Saville's eagerly-awaited report into the Bogside massacre.
Reports that the long-awaited findings could be delayed until the end of the year have been described as "very, very frustrating" by a sister of one of the Bloody Sunday victims.
Kay Duddy, whose brother Jackie was among those gunned down, says rumours of further delays have left relatives feeling "very uncertain".
Last night, a spokesperson for the Inquiry would only say that the report is "currently in preparation".
She added: "It has been necessary for the Tribunal to look at a very large quantity of material so that it is not possible, at this stage, to give any firm estimate of when the report is likely to be finished."
Kay Duddy acknowledged that the relatives "haven't been told anything officially, but we have heard that it could be the end of the year before we hear anything, or maybe even the beginning of next year."
She added: "The problem is that nobody is telling us anything, that's the most frustrating part of it all. As far as I know they haven't been in touch with our legal teams at all.
"If they would even let us know, one way or the other, it would be half the battle," she said.
The Saville Inquiry spanned eight years in total, completing its proceedings over 18 months ago.
More than 900 eyewitnesses gave evidence to the probe and, initially, it had been suggested the report would be published last summer.
Ms. Duddy added: "Whatever length of time it takes - so be it - they're taking their time and doing it right. But it's the uncertainty of it all that's worst.
"Obviously, it means they're doing a thorough job - but if we even had an idea of when to expect it, we'd be able to prepare ourselves for this report."
She also believes that delays in the publication of the final report could upset more than just the families: "It's terrible for all those people who went through the trauma of giving evidence at the Inquiry. It's important to all of them, and all the people who stop you in the street to ask if there's any word yet."
Families first
Ms. Duddy also reiterated the call that it is "vitally important" the report is released to the families first.
"One thing we are very concerned about is that this isn't leaked to anyone before the families see it. This is vitally important to us."

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