10 April 2006



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Concern at Aiden Hulme Hunger Strike
Posted on 9/4/2006 at 22:26:08 by IRPWA

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe IRPWA has learned from Aiden Hulme's family that Aiden began refusing food last Friday 7th April. Aiden has embarked on this course of action in an attempt to get repatriated back to Ireland. The IRPWA has also learned that as of tomorrow (Monday 10th April) The medical staff at Full Sutton prison will refuse to dispense pain killing medication on the grounds that it is too dangerous to take without food. We in the IRPWA believe that if the British and Dublin governments were to make a commitment to repatriate Aiden in the near future then this hunger strike could be ended before any serious damage is done to Aiden's health. It is not in the interests of anyone to allow this protest to continue and the ramifications of this incident are much too serious to play hardball or engage in acts of brinkmanship. The IRPWA will endeavour to contact the Department of Justice first thing tomorrow in the hope that some movement can be made on this issue. Our thoughts are with Aiden Hulme and his family at this time.

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