11 April 2006

IRA informer Fulton hits out at police


Security forces could have prevented an attack in which a policewoman was killed, a former "IRA bomb-maker and Special Branch informer" has claimed.

Colleen McMurray died when the IRA launched a mortar attack on a police patrol in Newry in March, 1992.

Her colleague, Paul Slane, lost his legs in the attack.

The man, who now calls himself Kevin Fulton, told the BBC Hardtalk programme that Special Branch "knew enough to be able to prevent the attack".

Mr Fulton, who admitted making the fatal explosive device, said his police "handlers" knew its destination but he did not.

Asked if he felt responsible for Ms McMurray's death, he said he "did not" and "would not" have pressed the button.

Mr Fulton said Special Branch officers knew who had the "doodle-bug".

"They knew the car. They knew how it was going to be triggered," he said.

"They should have had that person under surveillance."

Mr Fullton also said he was "not surprised" when Sinn Fein official and British agent Denis Donaldson was murdered last week.

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