21 April 2006

IMC presents latest report to governments


21 April 2006 18:12

The Independent Monitoring Commission has presented its latest assessment of paramilitary action in Northern Ireland to the British and Irish governments.

The report will be discussed at a cabinet meeting in Dublin on Tuesday and then presented in Westminster next Wednesday and published that day.

It deals with paramilitary activities up to the start of February and does not cover the murder of Denis Donaldson in Donegal.

Both the Dublin and London governments believe the IMC's assessment of IRA activities will be the most positive to date.

The timing of the report is significant, with the Northern Ireland Assembly in Stormont set to re-open on 15 May, with parties obliged to agree on a power-sharing administration by 24 November.

In its last report, the IMC raised concerns about continuing republican involvement in criminality and intelligence gathering.

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