27 April 2006

Eroding West’s greenery


by Damian McCarney

As another house was this week demolished to make way for apartments in Upper Dunmurry Lane, Sinn Féin have called for an agreed housing strategy for the area.

The party claim that the countryside, green space and every stand of trees in the Dunmurry Lane area are being eroded at an astonishing rate as developers buy houses with gardens in order to build apartments.

Sinn Féin’s Michael Ferguson MLA has written to the direct rule minister Jeff Rooker to call for a halt to developments to enable local communities, in conjunction with environment protection agencies, to adopt a sensible housing strategy.

Much to the concern of local residents, one large detached house on Upper Dunmurry Lane was demolished on Monday to make way for six new apartments.

It is understood that a planning application will be submitted by developers for further apartments to be built on an adjoining property.

Speaking as a digger was tearing down the remains of the house and uprooting shrubs and trees, Mr Ferguson vowed to object to any future applications for apartments in this area.

“I have written to the direct rule minister asking him to call a halt to any further building in the Dunmurry, and particularly the Upper Dunmurry Lane, area where every piece of open space, green tree wedge or small forest is under threat.

“At the moment builders are buying up existing properties adopting a scorched earth policy and ripping out trees, flowers, fauna and eradicating all wildlife to make quick money by putting in six properties where there had been one.

“In the interests of the environment and the quality of life for those living in the area all building should be stopped so that an agreed strategy for the area can be produced and one that not only protects sustainable environment for this generation but for the next generation as well,” said Mr Ferguson.

Journalist:: Damien McCarney

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