17 April 2006

Easter Statement Na Fianna Eireann 2006


An Ard Choiste of Na Fianna Eireann sends Easter greetings to members and supporters at home and abroad.

As this is the 90th year since the Rising we have Free staters jumping on the republican band wagon for their own gains. The men and women who took part in the Rising didn't do so for a 26 county country but for a full 32 county Irish Republic.

Na Fianna Eireann also sends Easter greetings to Continuity I.R.A. POWs in Portlaoise and Maghaberry. It is these men and women who resist British rule in Ireland and they will continue to receive our support until our goal of a free Ireland is achieved.

An Ard Choiste would also like to lay to rest the rumours of Fianna Eireann being disbanded; this is far from the truth. Na Fianna Eireann is still running on a daily basis and this will continue until An Ard Choiste states otherwise.

We hope the people of Ireland take the example of the Easter Rising to further the Republican cause, and maybe in our life time we will have a free IRELAND.

Fianna abu
Ard Choiste
Na Fianna Eireann

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