04 April 2006

Council rejects Connolly tribute


Belfast councillors have voted against erecting a stained glass window in its city hall in memory of the socialist and Irish patriot James Connolly. (BBC photo)

Connolly - executed for his role in the Easter Rising - was born in Edinburgh of Irish stock, but spent time in Belfast as a trade union organiser.

Sinn Fein had proposed the window as a way to commemorate the 1916 rising.

However, a majority of city councillors voted in favour of a DUP amendment that the proposal should be rejected.


Speaking ahead of the council vote, Sinn Fein's Fra McCann said Connolly had a huge impact on Belfast.

"He was a champion of the working class and people of no class," he said.

"We believe because of his connection with the working classes, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter, that it would be only right he be honoured in this way by the city council."

Mr McCann said Belfast City Hall was a building "full of regalia that represented one community" and that a window commemorating Connolly would encourage more republicans to use to city hall.

But the DUP's Ian Crozier said the motion was simply an attempt to "erode the British identity" of the province.

"They have been at this at the city hall for quite some time," he said.

"First it was trying to remove the Union Flag, now it's trying to put in a window to the Easter Rising.

"It is just bit by bit, gradual attempts to erode the British identity of the people of Northern Ireland - we are not going to support it."

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