28 April 2006

Community worker fears summer 'trouble'

Derry Journal

28 April 2006

CURRYNIERIN COMMUNITY worker Mickey Carlin has said he fears there will be trouble this summer after the estate experienced at least 24 attacks in the last 6 weeks.
The PSNI recorded 24 incidents on the interface between March 13 and April 25 this year, including two involving petrol bombs and others involving damage to property and vehicles.
But Mr. Carlin told the 'Journal' that there were "about another ten to 15 incidents" that had not been reported to police.
"It's mostly every night. Even on quiet nights the
residents are still sitting there waiting for something to happen.
"They're worried every single night, and that's no
way to live."
Mr. Carlin said that he was worried the attacks would continue throughout the summer.
"The general feeling is that there is going to be
trouble this year.
"But the Currynierin Community Association is working very closely with the Tullyally Development Group to get out there and to try to get talking about it."
Mr. Carlin explained that he, youth worker Brian Murphy and a
group of volunteers, were out almost every night talking to the young people in the area.
"We go out, and we talk to the young people in Currynierin, and to date they have responded great - they sit and listen
to us.
"Our volunteers, they don't get paid at all, and they do a fantastic job under pressure and under threat of being attacked.
"We're working very hard with Tullyally, and we will continue to do so."
Brian Dougherty, Chairperson, Waterside Development Group and
Co-Ordinator of Tullyally Development Group, said that while the community was working hard to address the problem, he
believed the police should be doing more.
"Both sides are agreed that we're disappointed in the police response.
"This is simply antisocial behaviour, which will turn sinister if it's not nipped in the bud.
"Unfortunately a lot of kids are getting tied up in that, orchestrated by one or two main players, and it's up to the authorities to deal with these ringleaders.
"ASBOs have been in force for nearly two years, and I think somebody has to be made an example of.
"Estates are sick and tired of young hoodlums engaging in anti-social behaviour.
"It's not a sectarian thing, it's indicative of anti-social behaviour, which is happening right across the city, and
unless the police make some effort, it's going to spiral out of control."

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