25 April 2006

CIRA issues ‘stay-away’ threat to English queen

Daily Ireland

by Ciarán Barnes

The Continuity IRA is preparing to embark on a campaign in a bid to force England’s Queen Elizabeth to scrap a planned visit to Ireland.
In a statement released to Daily Ireland yesterday, the organisation said “any visit by the queen of England to any part of Ireland will be fully opposed” and that “the queen of England is not welcome in Ireland and any such visit will be resisted with all the force at our disposal”.
The “stay away” message came days after the PSNI uncovered a 250-pound (113-kilogram) Continuity IRA (CIRA) car bomb in Lurgan, Co Armagh. Two men have been charged in connection with the find.
The intended target of the bomb is believed to have been Lurgan PSNI station.
Yesterday senior security sources in the North said further dissident republican bomb attacks were expected in the coming months.
A week before the discovery of the Lurgan car bomb, a similar device was found abandoned in Derry city.
Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) — the political wing of the Continuity IRA — has also warned against a royal visit.
The party organised a protest against the Love Ulster parade through Dublin at the end of February.
Referring to the Love Ulster march, a party spokesman said: “We saw how Leinster House ministers were so readily available to meet leaders of a loyalist organisation.
“The Free Staters got their answer when the local community showed their resentment at what could only be described as an exercise of appeasement of their British masters.
“We urge republicans throughout Ireland to start now and prepare for the next act of appeasement — the visit of the foreign queen of England, who claims jurisdiction over part of our country,” said the RSF spokesman.
A date has yet to be set for Elizabeth Windsor’s visit to the Southern state, which would be the first by a British monarch since partition.
The presence of the British ambassador at the official Easter 1916 commemoration in Dublin has heightened speculation that an announcement is imminent.

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