15 April 2006

Chaplin love tale on film

Belfast Telegraph

By Maureen Coleman
15 April 2006

Charlie Chaplin's Belfast-born granddaughter is to make a movie about the scandal surrounding his romance with a teenage girl.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOona O'Neill caused shockwaves when she ran off with the comedy genius at the age of 17, prompting her writer father Eugene to disown her.

Now her granddaughter Kiera Chaplin (23), a model-turned-actress, is planning to make a movie of the scandal - and she intends to take on the role of Oona .

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usKiera, who was born in Belfast but grew up outside Geneva, runs her own production company called Limelight Films and is keen to tell the love story of Charlie Chaplin and her grandmother.

Oona's father Eugene O'Neill penned such classics as The Iceman Cometh and won three Pulitzer prizes and a Nobel Prize for his plays.

Kiera said: "I would maybe play Oona myself in the movie.

"Some people tell me I look like my grandfather and other people tell me I look like Oona."

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