02 April 2006

Blind gun victim gets keys to a new home

Sunday Life

by Stephen Breen
02 April 2006

THE young Ulster man who was left blinded and wheelchair bound after a barbaric gun attack will get the keys to his new home tomorrow.

Brave David Hanley (21) - who was just two millimetres from death after being cut down in a hail of bullets by an LVF gunman - will move into his specially-adapted bungalow in Bangor on Wednesday.

And once settled in his new home, Sunday Life can reveal he is planning to set up his own personal website.

David, who spoke exclusively to us last week about his amazing fight for life, hopes his remarkable story can inspire people around the world.

He is also hoping to join a local church group over the coming weeks.

Since his release from hospital earlier this year, David has been staying with friends.

But the former Belfast Royal Academy pupil, who suffered serious internal injuries and underwent a series of major operations, is looking forward to moving into his own place.

Said David: "I'm beginning to get my full memory back and Belfast doesn't hold many happy memories for me now.

"I have good friends in Bangor and that's why I decided to move away from Belfast. I think being in the seaside town will help my recovery.

"I can't wait to move in because I was always independent before this happened to me and I just want to show people that I still have the confidence to live on my own.

"My recovery has been miraculous and I don't know of any other person who suffered the same injuries I suffered moving into their own home just eight months later.

"I will have special tiles for my wheelchair and I also want to have a voice-activated computer so am able to communicate with people.

"I just want to continue giving hope and inspiration to others."

David was just three days away from his 21st birthday when he was shot.

He was walking his dogs when an LVF gunman jumped from an alleyway on the Upper Crumlin Road and shot him in the head.

The evil terrorist then stood over his prone body, pumping five more bullets into his stomach.

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