08 April 2006

Apprentice boys get go-ahead for Ardoyne march

Belfast Telegraph

By Chris Thornton
08 April 2006

An Apprentice Boys' parade has been approved for one of Belfast's most notable flashpoints in recent years.

The Parades Commission told organisers of the feeder parade past Ardoyne that they can follow their regular route on Easter Monday.

However, they will be restricted from playing music while passing the republican area in north Belfast.

The Commission also approved an Apprentice Boy's parade that passes part of the Short Strand in East Belfast, but rerouted marchers who applied to pass through the lower Ormeau area.

Nationalist residents' groups had planned protests against each of the Belfast marches.

Ardoyne has recently stood out as one of the most difficult marching areas, with violence breaking out in response to Twelfth parades over the past two years.

The Parades Commission met over two days this week to consider one of the early batches of this year's contentious parades.

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