30 April 2006

Adair in bust-up with Celtic fans

Sunday Life

Stephen Breen
30 April 2006

JOHNNY 'Mad Dog' Adair was involved in a bitter clash with Celtic fans after last week's Old Firm game.

Sunday Life can reveal trouble flared between a small group of Ulster Hoops supporters and Adair (right) in Troon last Sunday.

Fists were thrown when the Celts fans were taunted by Adair's cronies.

The fight started outside a bar as the fans were waiting to catch the ferry home.

It is believed they walked into a pub where Adair was drinking with his pals.

The exiled loyalist confirmed he had been involved in a row.

Said Adair: "We beat the c*** out of Celtic fans after the Old Firm last Sunday.

"They were slabbering and singing Fenian songs and that's why we got into them.

"They were taunting me but then they regretted it because they had to run for their lives. This is my patch and they should keep their mouths shut.

"I have good people and security around me in Troon and we're not going to take any abuse from anyone, including Celtic fans."

But Martin McManus, spokesman for the William Orr Celtic Supporters Club, played down the incident.

Added Mr McManus: "The information I gotwas that there was a bit of banter between some Celtic fans and Mr Adair about his wife and his dog.

"There were certainly no Celtic fans treated in hospital for any injuries. From what we know, no Celtic fan received a hiding. I spoke to a number of supporters' clubs and they have no report of any injuries. I think this is a case of someone like Mr Adair flexing his ego.

" The man is an idiot who is hungry for publicity."

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