16 April 2006

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Oration At Arbour Hill By the Chairman of 32 County Sovereignty Movement Mr Francis Mackey

Friends, Comrades

Today marks the 90th anniversary of one of the most momentous occasions in the history of the Irish people’s struggle, to end foreign occupation in our country and to fulfil the right of national self-determination free from outside interference.

Today we remember with pride and honour the leaders of the rising who acted legally and in good faith when they set about planning their strategy which ended in their murder and the murder of the Provisional Government.

We remember all republicans who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives 90 years ago and through every generation to the present day. Those men and women were not in the republican movement for glory or self gain, they were principled and believed their actions were correct in the face of the massive opposition from the colonial invader.

Today republicans face even stiffer opposition because today not only do we face the illegal interference from the British Government, we are faced with the quislings in the Dublin Government and regrettably from the Provisional Movement whose leadership have totally usurped the position of the men and women of 1916.

Today in our capital city we witness Provisional Sinn Fein in collusion with Fianna Fail attempt to rewrite our history.

We listen to their bleak attempt at saying they are the inheritors to fulfil the legacy of 1916 and it is further disgusting to hear both parties claiming to be republican when both have signed up to an agreement that to use their words, “under international law” gives legitimacy to British Rule in Ireland.

British rule in Ireland was never legitimate, not in 1916, not in the years that followed and most certainly not today.

British rule in Ireland will never have legitimacy whilst that Government holds an illegal sovereign claim to the occupied 6 Counties.

The attempts by Sinn Fein, the British Government and Dublin to enter into agreement in writing revisionist politics for the Irish people is wrong and when something is wrong it will fail.

The failure of Stormont today is history repeating itself. It failed before and is doomed to failure again and it does not matter if Gerry Adams, Martin Mc Guinness and all the rest crawl on their bellies to get into it, it will fail because the single fundamental issue of Irish National Sovereignty has been usurped by all the parties allied to the British agreement of 1998.

Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail today claim lineage to the leaders of 1916, yet their actions are alien to that great document of 1916. The Proclamation clearly states, “The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the People of Ireland” and goes on to declare “ the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible”.

Where does Sinn Fein’s and Fianna Fail’s actions protect and uphold that position.

They are hypocrites to proclaim support for the men and women of 1916 whilst seeking to administer British rule in Ireland and having signed away the sovereignty of the Irish people in 1998.

Every generation the Irish people have asserted their right to National freedom and National Sovereignty.

The Proclamation goes on to proclaim the Irish Republic as a Sovereign Independent State. And the leaders of 1916 pledged their lives to protect it.

A far cry from not only usurping it but actively pursuing the British Agenda.

At this point in time the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are the only organisation in Ireland with a legitimate challenge to British Rule in Ireland under international law.

We see the vast opposition to having this case heard, never the less we see the value in pursuing that case in defending the position of those who we are gathered here today to commemorate and we question the failure of Sinn Fein to support this challenge.

We acknowledge the legitimacy of other groups and organisations opposing British rule and we see there is more uniting us than what keeps us apart, therefore I call again for Unity of purpose from all groups and individuals to unite and enhance the challenge.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike when the British Government denied the right of Irish POW’s to have political status.

Ten brave men died as a result of the intransigence of the British Government who were trying to criminalise the republican struggle.

That Government failed and today we have a similar situation whereby republican prisoners are being denied their rights as political prisoners. In English Gaols POW’S are being denied the right to be close to their families and loved ones. The British Government are refusing to repatriate them back to Ireland

So too in gaols in Ireland we witness attempts to criminalise not alone the individual prisoner but to criminalise any attempt to oppose British Rule in Ireland and to criminalise any organisation that upholds and defends the Sovereignty of the Irish people.

To those POW’s who are standing steadfast on the principles of why you find yourself in gaol, I congratulate for holding your legitimate position.

We recognise the extent to which the establishment will go to criminalise you but do not give in to them, just think of the sacrifice of Pearse and Connolly, of Thomas Mc Donagh, Sean Mc Diarmada, Thomas Clarke, Eamon Ceannt and Joseph Plunkett.

Remember Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Raymond Mc Creesh, Patsy O’Hara, Joe Mc Donnell, Martin Hurson, Kevin Lynch, Kieran Doherty, Thomas Mc Elwee and Michael Devine and think of the sacrifice they endured not only to get their five demands which was ultimately Political Status but to protect and defend the legitimacy of the political struggle in upholding Irish National Sovereignty.

Remember too the Irish people rose up in the past and will again when republicans re-emerge as a significant force in upholding the Sovereignty of the Irish people.

Remember also the contrast between 1916 and 1981 when the leaders of 1916 were murdered. It was described in poetic terms as “A Terrible Beauty Being Born”.

The Irish people rose up in support of protecting their Sovereignty and ratified the Proclamation some two and a half years later when the people of Ireland Declared their Freedom.

What happened then was the British continued to deny the people their democratic rights. A foreign Treaty was accepted by some, a civil war ensued and De Valera moved to accepting the principles of the Treaty which partitioned our country. He in turn executed republicans as a warning to anyone who would uphold Irish National Sovereignty or defend it.

Following the Hunger Strike again the Irish people rose in support of the republican position. Republicans entered the election trail and became the largest Nationalist party in the occupied area and what did Sinn Fein do with this support. They like Fianna Fail accepted a partitionist treaty and having signed it became critical of Irish men and women for upholding Irish National Sovereignty, indeed they went further with the issue of threats against those who upheld their constitution.

So in recognising the plight of the POW’s we acknowledge the political climate and we must ensure that the murder of the 1916 leaders and the 1981 Hunger Strikers will never be forgotten and that the sacrifice of all republican volunteers was not in vain.
Republicans have a moral duty to uphold the principles for which they died.

Today as Fianna Fail and the leaders of Sinn Fein masquerade as republicans we must recognise them for what they are. They are Home Rulers.

In 1916 Home Rule under British Sovereignty was becoming a reality. The 1916 leaders knew this would have a devastating long term effect on the political landscape and their actions 90 years ago must be recognised as a brave attempt, detrimental to their own lives, in pushing the political landscape forward with a republican focus. They succeeded, it was others who usurped their position and moved to accept the foreign treaty.

Today Sinn Fein are a Home Rule party having usurped the Sovereignty of the Irish Nation. They now find themselves in a dilemma. They continue to use republican speak to get into Stormont but cannot challenge the British Government. They are confined within that agreement to work with and administer the will of the British Government.

Last week the British Minister Peter Hain told the Irish people in his assurances to the Unionist parties, “if the DUP and SF can’t agree on administering British Rule” new legislation will be brought in outside the conditions of the GFA.

In other words the British Government will do what they have to, to protect their position. The GFA is dead. The Brits have changed the rules to strengthen and protect their illegal sovereign claim.

Hain also stated that any working arrangement with Dublin will not be Joint Authority. He said, “the constitutional position of the British Government is safeguarded”.

Sinn Fein need to tell us what they got out of this for the Irish people and how did they further the aims of the 1916 leaders.

The answer is obvious they got nothing, they did what the Brits wanted assisted by informers and agents so that Sinn Fein policy and strategy was based on a British agenda.

The Sinn Fein leadership failed the men and women of 1916 and they have failed the Irish people today.

As we leave here today let us remember why it is important to assemble here at Arbour Hill and remember our responsibilities to uphold the Sovereignty of the Irish people with pride and that we rededicate ourselves to it’s defence as we intensify our challenge to the Legality of British Rule in Ireland.

Go Raibh maith agat.


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