07 April 2006

1916 'revision' gets hero's name wrong on sign

Irish Independent

Edel Kennedy

THEY helped shape the nation we live in today, but Dublin City Council couldn't get the spelling of the 1916 heroes correct.

As the city gears up for an Easter Parade next weekend, it was pointed out that the council took down a sign with the correct spelling of one of those killed - and put up another with the misspelled name.

A small lane just off Moore Street in the city centre has been called 'O'Rathaille Parade', in memory of Michael 'The' O'Rathaille.

But last year the English sign was removed.

It was then replaced with a new dual language sign, with the misspelled 'O'Rathaillaigh' and 'O'Rathailly' on show.

His grandson Prionsias O'Rathaille is furious that the council managed to get it so wrong.

"They still can't get things right," he said.

"Coming up to the 1916 commemoration parade, it's very bad.

"It's within a stones throw of where the fighting took place and close to where the anniversary celebrations will be."

'The' O'Rathaille had been treasurer of the volunteers and helped Childers bring arms into Howth aboard the 'Asgard'.

He was the only leader to be shot in action during the Rising.

Meanwhile, a granite stone honouring the signatories of the 1916 Proclamation was unveiled at the Curragh Camp yesterday by Defence Minister Willie O'Dea.

The Curragh was chosen as a location because the seven military barracks there were named after signatories, Clarke, MacDiarmada, MacDonagh, Pearse, Ceannt, Connolly and Plunkett.

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