17 April 2006

1916 Easter Rising remembered on 90th anniversary


17/04/2006 - 09:05:59

The 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising is being remembered today.

About 10,000 people turned out in Dublin yesterday to watch the parade commemorating the event.

The Rising was aimed at making a stand for Irish independence while Britain was distracted by the First World War.

It was far from an attempted military coup as the leaders wanted full independence from Britain and the establishment of an Irish Republic.

Historian Lorcan Collins said the very clear vision of the type of country they wanted to create was laid out in the Proclamation.

Mr Collins said their Republic guaranteed religious and civil liberties, equal rights and opportunities.

He said the Proclamation was a message to their unionist counterparts that they were not trying to push them out of the country but that they too would be treated as equals.

At the time, thousands of Irishmen were already fighting alongside British soldiers in the trenches of Belgium.

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