13 March 2006

Truth campaigner laid to rest

Daily Ireland

By Jarlath Kearney

Hundreds of mourners from across Ireland descended on the Co Donegal town of Buncrana on Saturday for the funeral service of Albert Fullerton.
Mr Fullerton was the son of Sinn Féin councillor Eddie Fullerton, who was murdered by a pro-British death squad 15 years ago.
Since his father’s murder in May 1991, Albert Fullerton spearheaded the family’s campaign for the truth about the episode.
The Fullerton family has consistently campaigned for a public independent inquiry into collusion and cover-up in the murder by both the British and Irish authorities.
Albert Fullerton was seriously injured early last Monday when the van he was driving crashed outside Letterkenny. He was on life-support until Thursday afternoon, and his vital organs were donated.
A Sinn Féin guard of honour accompanied Mr Fullerton’s tricolour-draped coffin on Saturday. The national flag remained in place throughout the funeral proceedings inside Cockhill Church.
Senior Sinn Féin members, including vice-president Pat Doherty and chief negotiator Martin McGuinness, also attended.
Following the funeral Mass, Mr Fullerton’s close friend Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, the Sinn Féin mayor of Buncrana, delivered an oration in the adjoining graveyard.
The councillor described Mr Fullerton as “a great family man”.
“We all have individual memories of Albert – the rock and roller guitarist; the joker always winding us up and cracking jokes when we were trying to be serious, the strong and loyal friend.
“But most of all, we remember Albert Fullerton as the inspirational campaigner for truth and justice for his beloved father, Eddie Fullerton.
“Albert knew from day one when his father was murdered, that those who carried out their dirty work did not act alone.
“He knew that the amount of detailed intelligence necessary to have taken over a home and gained access to a semi-detached home at the very end of a cul-de-sac in Cockhill Park in territory totally unfamiliar to the killers and for them then to escape across the border unimpeded posed very serious questions.
“In the absence of an adequate Garda investigation, Albert took on the role of investigator. He spoke to literally dozens of witnesses and potential witnesses over the years trying to put together pieces of the jigsaw. Key witnesses emerged because of their admiration for Albert’s integrity and decency.
“He refused to accept that this was just an ordinary murder. And because of his incredible commitment and love for his father, we now all know that was absolutely right,” Mr Mac Lochlainn said.
Mr Mac Lochlainn declared that, as a result of Albert Fullerton’s efforts, the campaign for truth and justice into Eddie Fullerton’s 1991 murder would never falter.
“If there are those who believe that, with the passing of Albert Fullerton comes the passing of truth and justice for his family and the community that loved him and his father, then they are sadly mistaken.
“I want to send a clear message from this graveside today that the Eddie Fullerton justice campaign will continue until all of those responsible, including right up to the doors of 10 Downing Street, take responsibility for the murder, Mr Mac Lochlainn said.

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