16 March 2006

SDLP MP apparently voices support for assembly without power-sharing


16/03/2006 - 17:26:36

A furious row has broken out in the North over comments made by the SDLP MP Eddie McGrady, apparently supporting the idea of recalling the assembly without power-sharing.

McGrady called for the restoration of devolution, if necessary with a temporary executive of non-elected members, or with the current B ritish ministers until the parties could agree.

Welcoming the comments, the DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson said they were a “helpful step forward”, falling “within the DUP’s proposals of a phased approach to power sharing.”

Sinn Fein reacted furiously, saying that the SDLP was sending out mixed messages and challenging the party to come clean.

Mr. McGrady said the DUP had got the “wrong end of the stick” and that he had “only been seeking information, not making concrete proposals.”

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