05 March 2006

Photo of meeting: Martin Ingram, Kevin Fulton, David Shayler and Annie Machon


5 March 2006

A writes:

This photo was taken at a secret meeting on Wednesday [March 1] of this week. It is of former MI5 officers David Shayler and Annie Machon, with Martin Ingram and Kevin Fulton. I can confirm that the two former MI5 officers and former FRU handler Martin Ingram, along with Fulton [former British secret agent in Northern Ireland], have agreed to give evidence at the public enquiry into collusion between the IRA, members of the Garda ( Irish Police ) and security forces into the murders of RUC officers Breen and Buchanan.

Judge Smithwick will be notified next week of this development.

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[Machon and Shayler (back to camera) at left, Fulton and Ingram at right. Black strips in original photo.]

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