15 March 2006

PFC Action Alert for St Patricks Day-lobby the British Embassy and the White House

This week we are appealing to all our subscribers to join us in reminding the British and US Governments that the retention in the British Army of the two soldiers who murdered Peter Mc Bride is an issue that will not go away. Jean Mc Bride has asked supporters to take five minutes this week to email the the following questions (copy-paste-send all this week):

-to the British Embassy in Washington where Northern Secretary Peter Hain MP will be staying on Friday night

email PAT@britainusa.com cc to Andy.Pike@fco.gov.uk and/or phone the embassy 1202 3670464

Dear Secretary of State Peter Hain MP,

Your government recently refused the request of the family of Peter Mc Bride for a meeting. Why? You dismiss soldiers who smoke cannabis but not those convicted of murdering Irish teenagers. Why? You call on others not to shield murderers but your government does precisely that. Why?

Supporters of the Mc Bride family may wish to also remind the British Secretary of State Peter Hain MP of the enclosed Early Day Motion (EDM - a form of parliamentary petition) which has now been signed by 51 Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, Conservative, Respect and SDLP MPs in the House of Commons and which calls for the automatic dismissal from the armed forces of all human rights violators. This EDM, tabled by Mark Durkan MP, emerged from the launch of the PFC End Impunity Campaign. The list of 51 MPs is also attached.


Durkan, Mark
That this House welcomes the growing consensus that defence of the international rule of law requires maintenance of the strictest standards for military and enforcement agencies at all levels of the chain of command; deplores those regimes that routinely permit those found guilty of serious crimes to evade justice or resume their military careers after a short sentence; believes that a culture of impunity inevitably erodes military discipline and undermines any peacekeeping role the military is required to undertake; further believes that the armed forces should be an example in this regard and should ensure its disciplinary system is beyond criticism; and urges the Government to affirm that human rights abusers, killers, rapists and bullies are permanently excluded from military service and to restore the certainty that any member of the armed services having been convicted by a court of the most serious of crimes such as murder, rape or torture shall be dismissed from service and may not resume a service career.

Durkan, Mark
Humble, Joan
Teather, Sarah
Dobbin, Jim
Taylor, David
Bottomley, Peter
Jones, Lynne
Caton, Martin
Corbyn, Jeremy
Cryer, Ann
Dismore, Andrew
Devine, Jim
Purchase, Ken
Hopkins, Kelvin
Jackson, Glenda
Cohen, Harry
Moon, Madeleine
Cable, Vincent
Clapham, Michael
Dean, Janet
Drew, David
Anderson, Janet
Leech, John
Lepper, David
Abbott, Diane
Williams, Betty
Llwyd, Elfyn
McDonnell, John
Flynn, Paul
Hancock, Mike
Hodgson, Sharon
Pugh, John
Keetch, Paul
Burden, Richard
Etherington, Bill
Vis, Rudi
Williams, Hywel
Anderson, David
Howarth, David
Simpson, Alan
Harvey, Nick
Stunell, Andrew
Hemming, John
Illsley, Eric
McGrady, Eddie
Galloway, George
McDonnell, Alasdair
Opik, Lembit
Younger-Ross, Richard
Rogerson, Daniel
Swinson, Jo

-to the White House where Jean Mc Bride is not on the invitation list

email president@whitehouse.gov cc to Mitchel Reiss at breiss861@yahoo.com

and/or tel the White House switchboard 1202 4561414

Dear President Bush,

your administration awarded a $293 million security contract in Iraq to a company whose CEO, Tim Spicer has repeatedly justified the murder of Peter Mc Bride. Why? Tim Spicer, gun runner, mercenary and former CO of the Scots Guards in N. Belfast is now profiting from the war in Iraq despite the objections of many members of the US Congress and Senate. Why? Would you be concerned if the Irish Government gave a security contract to an individual who repeatedly and publicly justified the murder of US citizens?

For extensive background on the Mc Bride case and the Aegis /Spicer contract see www.patfinucanecentre.org

Please delete all other PFC email addresses and replace with info@patfinucanecentre.org

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