01 March 2006

Parents ‘putting children at risk by smoking at home’


01/03/2006 - 13:41:10

The Irish Cancer Society has warned parents that they are putting their children at risk by smoking in the home.

The society has published a survey to coincide with National No Smoking Day showing that 20% of parents who smoke do so every day in front of their children.

It says exposing children to second-hand smoke in the home is equivalent to them smoking between 60 and 150 cigarettes-a-year.

This leaves them at a greater risk of developing serious chest and ear infections, as well as ailments like asthma and even cot death.

They are also twice as likely to take up smoking themselves.

Meanwhile, a survey by Nicorette has found that many smokers are hoping to quit the habit this Lent.

The company said one-third of respondents to its survey were planning to give something up for Lent, with one-fifth of these saying they hoped to quit smoking.

It said male respondents were more inclined to give up the habit than their female counterparts.

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