03 March 2006

Omagh: Charges demanded against security forces


03/03/2006 - 18:05:03

The husband of a woman killed in the Omagh bombing insists criminal charges must be brought against members of the security forces if they had prior warning of the attack.

Earlier this week it was revealed that at the time the British secret service MI5 learned an attack on the town was imminent.

Relatives of the victims are demanding a meeting with the North's Chief Constable and the Garda Commissioner.

Kevin Skelton, who lost his wife Philomena, believes the security forces were criminally negligent: "I feel that with the revelations that have come out now that the people within MI5 on this side of the border, and the same thing on the other side of the border, should face criminal prosecution – there’s no question on that.

"They were warned, they were tipped off, they knew about it and the did nothing," he said.

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