02 March 2006

New witnesses to IRA bombing

Belfast Telegraph

By Jonathan McCambridge
02 March 2006

The Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing will be one of the first cases examined by Northern Ireland's new Historical Enquiries Team, police have revealed.

Detectives have also recently uncovered new witnesses to the IRA massacre who have been interviewed.

The Historical Enquiries Team was set up earlier this year to investigate over 3,000 Troubles-related deaths between 1968 and 1998.

At a meeting of the Policing Board yesterday, Ulster Unionist Sam Foster asked police for an update on the police investigation into the IRA atrocity when a no-warning bomb exploded at the Cenotaph in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday in 1987.

Eleven people were killed and 63 were injured in the bombing, which caused outrage across the world.

Mr Foster said he was very disappointed by the lack of police progress. He said the victims were suffering from "non-remembrance" by police.

Chief Superintendent Maggie Hunter said that the C2 department of Crime Operations was continuing to pursue lines of inquiry in the Enniskillen bombing.

She said: "Recently we identified new witnesses and they have been interviewed.

"When the new lines of inquiry have been examined, the case will be passed to the Historical Enquiries Team.

"Their governing principle will be maximum disclosure, subject to legal guidelines.

"I can assure you the Enniskillen case will be treated as a case already opened and will be dealt with whenever the inquiry team receive the papers."

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