27 March 2006

More compensation for Troubles victims


27/03/2006 - 16:17:26

Up to 200 victims of the Northern Ireland Troubles who live in the Republic are expected to be compensated under the latest phase of the Irish Government’s Remembrance Commission.

The body, which began its work in July 2004, has already paid out up to €3.5m to people bereaved or injured by nearly 30 years of violence and has a total fund of €9m.

The Commission covers terrorist atrocities including the Dublin & Monaghan bombings in 1974 and other blasts through the years in Dublin Airport, Castleblayney, Belturbet and Omagh.

The Commission began a new national public awareness campaign today through the media to encourage more victims to come forward.

A spokesman for the Commission said: “The Commission is concerned that there are still people who are victims of the conflict who are either unaware of the scheme or have yet to submit their application for assistance.

“We estimate that there may be up to 200 victims out there that haven’t come forward yet. The nature of injuries received must be interpreted in line with the scheme.”

Funding is also available for victim support groups and for erecting local memorials.

The Commission has four categories of payment including an initial acknowledgement amount of €15,000 to the family of a person killed during the Troubles.

Another €15,000 sum is available for economic hardship suffered by the spouse and family of a victim.

If somebody injured is unable to work, they can also receive a €15,000 amount.

If a family was displaced from Northern Ireland they may be entitled to €15,000 or €7,500 if they were forced to move abroad.

The Remembrance Commission was established by the Irish Government in October 2003.

Its five members comprise David Andrews, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and chairman of the Irish Red Cross; Conor Brady, journalist and former editor of the Irish Times; Pat Hume, member of the board of the Northern Ireland Memorial Fund; Paddy Mullarkey, former Secretary General of the Department of Finance and Caitriona Murphy, chairman of Investor Compensation Company Ltd, and former chairman of the Labour Relations Commission.

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